HIROSHIGE JAPANESE Large WOODBLOCK PRINT Fox Fires at Hackberry Tree in Oji

Hiroshige (1797 – 1858) Japanese Woodblock Reprint. New Year’s Eve Foxfires at the Hackberry Tree in Oji. (SAME QUALITY BUT NOT THE EXACT ONES PICTURED). From the series; One Hundred Famous Views of Edo. Artist – Hiroshige (1797 – 1858). Size : 14.65 x 9.8 inches include margins. Please read before ordering. On the faster […]

Lovely Meiji era UTAMARO Japanese woodblock triptych PICNIC BY A STREAM

Lovely Meiji Era Beauty Triptych. This striking bijin-ga or beauty triptych is, of course, a Kitagawa Utamaro masterwork. Without a doubt, Utamaro Japanese, c. His classic portraits of courtesans, geishas and teahouse waitresses are among the most sought after of all prints. In fact, many serious collectors consider Utamaros beauties to be the very soul […]

KUNIYOSHI JAPANESE Triptych Woodblock Print Miyamoto Musashi and the Whale

Miyamoto Musashi and the Whale. Pristine condition unused, unframed, unmounted mint’Hand printed’ woodblock. Print Size : OBAN Tate-e. About 15.25 x 10.75. Inches each (include margins). On the faster side during off peak traveling seasons and slower and more unpredictable during high traveling seasons. We are off on Saturday, Sunday (Japan time) and National holidays […]