Old 1917 KUNIYOSHI Japanese Woodblock Print Picture Book Ehon SAMURAI WARRIOR

Original and rare, Taisho Period Kuniyoshi Japanese Woodblock Print Picture Book (Ehon). Date: Taisho Period, 6th year, 1917. These are woodblock print re-strikes. After his famous series of the Edo Period. Description: 100% Japanese genuine & authentic ukiyoe picture book from the Taisho Period. Very good colors and impressions. LOADED with great samurai woodblock print […]

KUNIYOSHI JAPANESE Triptych Woodblock Print Miyamoto Musashi and the Whale

Miyamoto Musashi and the Whale. Pristine condition unused, unframed, unmounted mint’Hand printed’ woodblock. Print Size : OBAN Tate-e. About 15.25 x 10.75. Inches each (include margins). On the faster side during off peak traveling seasons and slower and more unpredictable during high traveling seasons. We are off on Saturday, Sunday (Japan time) and National holidays […]

Kuniyoshi Utagawa (Japanese) genuine antique woodblock print, c. 1852

Genuine Japanese woodblock print by Kuniyoshi Utagawa from Sixty-nine Stations of the Kisokaido , c. Description: Hirai Yasumasa Playing the flute as Hakamadare Yasusuke approaches with a drawn sword. It is glazed in the old style non-reflective glass which is not perfectly transparent. The print is attached in two places to backing paper and this […]