Original Japanese Woodblock Print Chikanobu 1896-98 Rest, Rare

Original woodblock print from 1896-98 by Chikanobu. This is a triptych, attached. Shows women at “Rest”, from the series Woman’s Activities of the Tokugawa Era. This is one of the most spectacular prints of the series with it’s deluxe printing and large image of these two women stretching over the three panels. Size 37 cm […]

Original Japanese Woodblock Print, Ukiyo-e, Set of 2 Triptychs, Meiji Kabuki

Original Japanese Woodblock Prints, Set of 2. Artist: Kunimasa Utagawa IV. Title: Nihon-bare Iga no Adachiuchi. Condition: Small wormhole, creased around the edge. Dimension: (L)36.8 x 25.1(M)36.8 x 25.1(R)36.8 x 25.0 cm. Title: Hoshizuki-yo Kenmon Jikki. Condition: Backed, stains due to oxidation on the back of right panel. Dimensions: (L)23.8 x 35.6(C)23.8 x 35.6(R)23.8 x […]