Rare 1971 Clifton Karhu’s Koshihara House 40/80 Ukiyo-e Woodblock Print

Vintage 1971 Clifton Karhu Koshihara House Ukiyo-e Woodblock Print. Artwork size without signature 25 by 15&3/4 inches paper is bigger Woodblock is about 28×19. The back has a very thin paper affixed to it as per photo. Large rare piece great composition in the blue purple brown tones- good condition and RARE 40/80. The item […]

RARE Japanese Woodblock by Tsuchiya Rakusan Momma Bird & her Babies

RARE Japanese Woodblock by Tsuchiya Rakusan – Momma Bird & her Babies.. UPDATE Thanks to another awesome Ebayer I know the title of this print is, “Ears of Barley, Dandelions, and Skylark Nest”. Thanks for your information! This RARE Japanese Woodblock by Tsuchiya Rakusan is in great shape. Displays a momma bird and her babies. […]

Rare Japanese carved woodblock for print, ca. 1950

Registrations mark (kento) on the keyblock. Beautifully preserved, except for the few minor imperfections due to age (which can be seen in images). Size: 30 x 36 cm. Carver: Yoshio Kubota personal student of Tokuriki Tomiyoshiro. The block is an artistic representation of Kyoto National Museum courtyard, viewed from inside the garden, one can clearly […]