Old 1917 HIROSHIGE Japanese Woodblock Print Picture Book Ehon SOGA MONOGATARI

Original and rare, Taisho Period Hiroshige Japanese Woodblock Print Picture Book (Ehon). Date: Taisho Period, 6th year, 1917. (The tale of Soga – it’s the story about the Soga brothers and their revenge). (these are woodblock print re-strikes after his famous series of the Edo Period). Description: 100% Japanese genuine & authentic ukiyoe picture book […]

Woman writing treasure book woodblock japanese book, around 1788

Woman writing treasure book. Woodblock japanese book, around 1800. 120 Pages, fukurotoji (poach binder) japanese binding on washi paper, well preserved, woodworm traces as seen on photos, however the traces do not affect the images. Inside I found a dried ginko biloba leaf, probably the owner wanted to dry it. Colorful prints drawn too by […]