Yoshida Toshi #018301 Mt. Fuji from Ohito, Autmun Japanese Woodblock Print

Yoshida Toshi – #018301 Mt. Fuji from Ohito, Autmun – Japanese Woodblock Print. Artist Name Yoshida Toshi (1911 – 1995). Title of the work #018301 Izu Ohito no Fuji, Aki Mt. Fuji from Ohito in Autmun. Authentic hand printed Japanese woodblock print. All of our pictures were taken by scanner from our woodblock prints. Sometime […]

Hiroshige Ukiyo Gafu 19th Century Woodblock Book Hokusai Tattoo Art Mt Fuji

Title: UKIYO GAFU: Sketch Book of the Fleeting World. Alternate Titles: UKIYO RYUSAI GAFU & or KEISAI UKIYO GAFU. SUPERB COLLABORATION BETWEEN HIROSHIGE AND KEISAI. DESCRIPTION: Delightfully interesting subjects, portrayed with a strong pen. Sketches of human figures, landscapes, flowers, birds, insects, animals of all varieties, done in light tints. The work is reminiscent of […]

Hasui Kawase Woodblock Mt. Fuji Seen From Tagonoura 1940

This is an original woodblock by well known Japanese artist Hasui Kawase 1883. Fuji Seen From Tagonoura. It was published by Watanbe. Its in very good condition, with the printed portion measuring. 14 3/8x 9 5/8and the full sheet measuring 15 1/2x 10 5/8. It will be sent flat. The item “Hasui Kawase Woodblock Mt. […]