Ukiyo-e Japanese Woodblock Print Book Japan Antique Hiroshige Utagawa Darumaya

Ukiyo-e Japanese Woodblock Print Book. Please check the product details before purchasing. National Harimaze Meisho Zue. There are individual differences in the condition, so please judge by the photograph. Please note that older products may have mold, odor, stains, scratches and tears over time. People who are sensitive should not look. Please refrain from nervous […]

Woodblock print Hasui Kawase Spring moon, Kanagawa from Japan

Size: Print: 24cm x 36cm. It was later printed by a disciple. Only works that are well managed and saved by the publisher. Please note if you cancel your order. Its 4% of the item price. Thank you for your understanding. International Buyers – Please Note. These charges are the buyers responsibility. We do not […]