Yoshida Toshi -Kiyomizu temple Japanese Woodblock Print

Yoshida Toshi -Kiyomizu temple. Japanese Woodblock Print Name Kiyomizu temple. Approx Image Size Height 24.50 cm x Width 17.00 cm (H 9.645 ” x W 6.693 “). Date Originally published by Yoshida studio. This is the later edition from original woodblocks. Condition Only perfect condition one. Kept in professional condition. It is impossible to show […]

Kawase Hasui #HKS-2 Yuki no Miyajima Japanese Traditional Woodblock Print

Kawase Hasui – #HKS-2 Yuki no Miyajima – Japanese Traditional Woodblock Print. Artist Name Kawase Hasui (1883 – 1957). Title of the work #HKS-2 Yuki no Miyajima. Authentic hand printed Japanese woodblock print. All of our pictures were taken by scanner from our woodblock prints. Sometime during scanning process, the image get diffuse reflection from […]

3-45 SEITEI bird GAFU Japanese Woodblock print 3 BOOK

3 volumes complete Painter; watanabe SEITEI Date; MEIJI 23 (1890) Publication; Ookura magobei Original edition books. Glossy lacquer are printed on the eyes of birds and black fireflies. These are proofs of the first edition only. Color woodblock print illustrations are about 44 pages per a volume. There are light stains. Please see and judge […]