Orig KUNISADA Toyokuni III JAPANESE Antique Woodblock Print Faithful Samurai 9

“Stories of the Faithful Samurai”. By KUNISADA Toyokuni III. Signature: nanajky sai Toyokuni hitsu. Actor: Nakayama Genjr I. Role: Okuda Sadaemon Yukitaka. Size : 14.75 x 10.1 inches (include margins) condition : There are worm holes but the other condition is very good for 152 years old print. Excellent color, details and impression. On the […]

YOSHIIKU ORIG Japanese Woodblock Diptych Print Samurai

Additional prints combined for free. 1833 6 February 1904, also known as or Ochiai Yoshiiku? Born the son of teahouse proprietor Asakusa Tamichi in 1833, Yoshiiku became a student of ukiyo-e artist Utagawa Kuniyoshi toward the end of the 1840s. His earliest known work dates to 1852 when he provided the backgrounds to some actor […]

Utagawa SADAFUSA Orig JAPANESE Woodblock Print Crossing Oi River

Size : 7.25 x 20.75 inches. On the faster side during off peak traveling seasons and slower and more unpredictable during high traveling seasons. We are off on Saturday, Sunday (Japan time) and National holidays in Japan. So we’ll be late for the answering questions. Thank you for your understanding. International Buyers Please Note. These […]