Torii Kotondo (1900 – 1976) is one of his series, “Twelve Aspects of Woman”, originally published in 1930. It is not a poster, nor is it an enhanced “Giclee” print, but a very collectible Japanese woodblock print. Kotondo’s signature and seal are in the image on the. Right side of the print. This art is […]

Yoshimi Mountain Temple in Rain, Japanese woodblock print

Yoshimi, also known as Ishiwata Koitsu. Mountain Temple in Rain, Yamato Tsubosaka Temple I was told it’s dated 1935 but references suggest it from 1950. Image 10.75×15.25in. Remnants of old mount in margins of top and left. It had been dry mounted, reminants of the glue on the back. Not sticky at all, feels waxy […]