Old 1860 Sadahide Japanese Woodblock Print Picture Book Samurai vs Monsters

Original and rare, 1860 Kuniyoshi School Japanese Woodblock Print Picture Book (Ehon). Artist: of the Kuniyoshi School, Sadahide. Date: latter Edo Period, c. Hatsumidori Kogane no Kasamatsu. Description: 100% Japanese genuine & authentic ukiyoe picture book from the Edo Period, c. Picture pages, nearly all pictures shown below. Condition is decent+ with some wear and […]

19C Japanese Woodblock Print Triptych Samurai by Toyohara Kunichika (McM)

I appreciate your courtesy! The condition is described above, for more information please check the photos. Print 13.25 inches x 28.5 inches. More pictures are available!!! It is important to know when purchasing items that. Please keep this in mind. As your ratings have immediate discount or listing-standing consequences for me. Thank you for understanding!!! […]