Japanese Ukiyo-e Nishiki-e Woodblock Print Painting T2911

+++Product+++ Ukiyoe-style painting Forehead size 46cm The size of the picture is 27mm wide and 25mm wide. We will carefully deliver using the packing material. Free USA, Oceania , North and Central America. Free South America, Africa. We ships from Japan This product. These charges are the buyers responsibility. ¬∑We do not mark merchandise values […]

Original Japanese Woodblock Print, Ukiyo-e, Set of 2 Triptychs, Sugoroku, Play

Original Japanese Woodblock Prints, Set of 2. Title: Igagoe Dochu Sugoroku. Dimensions: (L)23.7×35.1(C)23.7×35.1(R)23.7×35.1 cm. Condition: Backed, some stains from glue, a light stain due to oxidation (left panel), a light crease on face (centre panel). Dimensions: (L)23.7×35.0 (C)23.7×35.0 (R)23.7×35.0 cm. We will relist the item at a lower price in 3 to 6 months time. […]

Japanese Woodblock Print Hanga Ukiyo-e Utagawa Hiroshige Landscape

Japanese Woodblock Print Hanga Ukiyo-e Utagawa Kunisada Naked Woman. This is a Used item. Condition: Used, good condition. Landscape of Famous Places in 60 province old prints. E-Packet(AIR with tracking#). We’re glad to combine, so please check out our other items! – from the end of April and the beggining of May (around Apr 27 […]