MAP17 Sekisui Nagakubo wood block print Japanese Antique map 1775 Edo

DESCRIPTION This is wood block print Japanese Antique map “Shinkoku Nihon yochi rotei zenzu” of 1775(Anei 4). The place name is written in very detailed. Sekisui Nagakubo is a Chinese scholar, a geographer in the middle Edo period. SIZE 61cm×90cm (24.01inch×35.43inch) condition: used / There is an aged deterioration. (faded, dirty, torn, bristletail). MAP17 Sekisui […]

Antique Japanese wood block print, framed. 18×14

Old Japanese wood block. Custom framed and matted many years ago. The matting is made of thin wood (see picture #5). I cannot read the inscriptions. We were not collectors of Japanese wood blocks, but we bought a number of them that we liked. This was a favorite. Interesting writing around the interior of the […]