Design Pattern Colored Woodblock Print Book Korin Moyo #1-2 Complete

Title: Korin Moyo / Size: 18cm x 25cm (Circa) / Complete in 2 volumes. 2nd edition, published by Unsodo in 1971 (First published in 1907). Contain patterns, intended as samples for Kyoto’s kimono manufacturers, by Korin Furuya in the Rinpa style perfected by his illustrious forebearer Korin Ogata. It could take longer depending on the. […]

Design book of art patterns, japanese original woodblock print, 1910

Original woodblock printed- 1910. Kyoto-shi : Yamada Naosaburo : Hatsubaijo Yamada Unsodo [1910]. There are fthree ex-libris stamps. The blue one, the round red go together, of the Kyoto Dye mosulin yuzen marchant, Akai Akai Shakichi Shoten Store; the round red seal belongs to the “idea section” of this store. The item “Design book of […]