Original Japanese Woodblock Print Book Soka hyakushu Vol. 1-2 Kono Bairei

Title: “Soka Hyakushu” (One Hundred Varieties of Flowering Plants). Publisher: Unsodo , Kyoto. Printer: Yamanaka Izo. Volumes: This lot includes the first sets (Vol &). Year of Publication: 1901 (Meiji 34). Size: 24.2×16.3cm(9.5×6.4 inch). These books, over 100 years old, exhibit severe signs of aging, including foxing, discoloration, stains, deterioration, musty smell and extensive wear […]

Japanese Woodblock Print Book Bijutsukai Volume. 23 20illustration

Formal Name: Bijutsukai volume23. Year of publication: 1897. Size: 23.7×16.3cm(9.3×6.4inch). Bijutsukai is a collection of beautifully colored designs for arts and crafts such as a kimono. It has been published since 1909 by Unsodo. Compared to Shin-Bijutsukai, it is based on a traditional design. Condition: Cover has light foxing, stains, some ink marks, rubbing to […]