Meiji CHIKANOBU Beautiful Shunga Illustrated Book Japan Woodblock Print

The items are as shown in the photos. Un-certificated item is not guaranteed. All items are as is. We wouldn’t declare the low value or mark as “gifts”. We’ll ignore illegal requests. Tsuba menuki fuchi kashira kozuka katana wakizashi tanto koshirae kabuto yoroi armor menpo kinko statue netsuke inro ojime hokusai jizai arrowhead jiku. This […]

Meiji Era Japanese Woodblock Triptych Print UTAGAWA YOSHITORA 1877

Beautiful triptych woodblock print. The gathering of armed forces in Kyushu. Some foxing and staining, creases, edge wear etc. The 3 prints are stuck together along the edges to form one large one. Please check the photos carefully for condition, or ask for specific information as I’m not an expert with these prints. Meiji Era […]

MEIJI era UTAMARO Japanese ukiyo-e woodblock reprint READING A LETTER

Classic Utamaro Beauty Portrait. This charming bijin-ga or beauty print is, of course, a Utamaro masterwork. Without a doubt, Utamaro Japanese, c. His classic portraits of courtesans, geishas and teahouse waitresses are among the most sought after of all prints. In fact, many serious collectors consider Utamaro’s beauties to be the very soul of Ukiyo-e, […]