Japanese woodblock print original Katagowa Utamaro 1802-1803

Inscription translation: Ten Types in the Physiognomic Study of Women. She has a nice personal appearance and in all respects is a good type. In general her passions run deep, but she is no fool to let them run away with her. Inscription position: image, top left, in cartouche in Japanese. Frame 15 x 20. […]

Japanese Woodblock Print Book Shiki no Hana vol. 7 Flower vintage original

Formal Name: Shiki no Hana vol. 7? Autumn?? “Shiki no Hana” means flower of four seasons. Year of publication: 1908. Size: 27×18×4.5cm(10.6×7.1×1.8 inch) Illustration size 27 ×36cm(1.6×14.7 inch). Condition: The cover has been refurbished. There are yellowing and stains in the page. About this book and author. Sakai Hoitsu, who represents the Rinpa school following […]

Kawase Hasui, Miyajima, Japanese original handmade woodblock print

Artist: Kawase Hasui, Miyajima. Japanese original handmade woodblock print. IMPORTANT NOTICE. Products will be carefully packed. If you like to order more than one print, we will combine all of your order. Woodblock print may be slightly different from the image on our pictures. These charges are normally collected by the delivering fright company or […]

Japanese Woodblockprint Original by Utagawa Kokunimasa 1895 from Japan 0809D16

Japanese Woodblockprint Original by Utagawa Kokunimasa 1895 from Japan 0809D16. It is an original woodblock print. Please note that the print has stain, tears and holes. Dimensions: 73 x 37cm Artist:Utagawa Kokunimasa Title:Bivouac near Liaoyang (Ryôyô fukin roei no zu) Date:1895 Please assess the condition based on the photos. Please note: All measurements are displayed […]

Japanese Woodblock Print Red peas and Loquat Rakuzan Bird Vintage Original

Formal Name: Rakuzan kacho-gafu. Red peas and Loquat. Contents: First edition made by Rakuzan. Year of publication: 1929. 46×60cm(18×23.6 inch). There are light stains. Rakuzan was born in Kyoto. When he was young, he studied under Takeuchi Seiho, a pioneer of modern Japanese painting and a representative painter of Kyoto painting. The woodblock prints of […]